SnatchApp Secures the World For Free

Our goal at SnatchApp is simple: Help people stay in contact with those they care about and in order to bring that to fruition, we’ve created a product that’s user-friendly and available anywhere you go .

Where we came from

The Snatch Group Ltd. was founded in 2015 by two entrepreneurial brothers who have thrived in the Telecom business for more than a decade. The Group is composed of two entities, SnatchApp and SnatchBot. Today, SnatchApp is the best way to connect with friends, no matter where you meet them. But it’s also so much more. As the only chat platform built especially for people and as a clear leader in chatbots, SnatchApp will become the central hub for everyday life for people across the world as we grow. SnatchBot was founded with the goal of expanding the accessibility of chatbots and making bot-building easy and free for anyone in any application. SnatchBot is built for being social and help companies to enter into the new digital era. You can chat with the bots or simply create your own. Visit our bot store. Our Goal is to connect people smartly and allows companies to meet the current challenges of the new digital environment we are in .

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