Snatch App Purpose

Snatch App was founded on the belief that privacy is a universal right that enables innovation and economic growth. Our goal at Snatch App is simple: Help people stay in contact with those they care about and in order to bring that to fruition, we’ve created a product that’s user-friendly and available anywhere you go.


My brother and myself have worked together in the Telco industry for the past 20 years. This experience has allowed us to see the transformation of the sector and more importantly to grasp the needs of users. We know that a simple, reliable and end-to-end encrypted messaging and calling app is essential for our users. By providing unique and secure communication and access to chatbots Snatch App provides to its users the experience they have longed for. To complement this, we will soon offer money transfer services between users.

Our goal is to not only provide people and enterprises with an easy-to-use, free and secure communication platform but even exceed consumers’ expectations by providing a chatbot directory and other AI tools that offer entertaining and enriching conversational experiences while providing relevant information.

Henri Ben Ezra, CEO and co-founder.


Snatch App Secures the World For Free

Smartphones have become a part of us—always on, always within reach to connect us with our friends and our world.

Today, many teens and young adults are slowly moving away from social media and are looking towards chat as their primary source for communication and information. And where better to turn to for a fun, safe place to connect?

Snatch App of course ! Snatch App freely & securely connects users around the world with each other, helping them send good vibes every day and make great things happen!


Our Story

The Snatch Group Ltd. was founded in 2015 by two entrepreneurial brothers who have thrived in the Telecom business for two decades. Based in Herzliya Pituach – the heart of the Start Up Nation- Available in 53 languages, Snatch App is the best way to connect with friends, no matter where you are. But it’s also so much more. As the only chat platform built especially for people and as a clear leader in chatbots, Snatch App is becoming the central hub for everyday life for people across the world.

our story

SnatchBot was founded with the goal of expanding the accessibility of chatbots and making bot-building easy and free for anyone in any application. SnatchBot is built for being social and help companies to enter into the new digital era.

You can chat with the bots or simply create your own. Visit our bot store. Our Goal is to connect people smartly and allows companies to meet the current challenges of the new digital environment we live in.